For baby boomers, there’s been a shift in retirement income planning as compared to previous generations. This is a personal comprehensive finance course for those in the early stages of retirement, or those that are nearing retirement.


A sampling of important topics that will be discussed are:

• Social Security maximization and claiming strategies for you and your survivor.

• Pension payout options (single life, joint life or lump sum).

• Working with an insurance agent VS broker VS investment

   advisor, and how to pick your “retirement quarterback”.

• Roth Conversions – Pros & Cons

• Passive (buy and hold) and Tactical/Active investment


• How to find out what you are paying for the financial advice

    you may be getting.

• Powerful Estate Planning strategies to know.



Tuition is $59, which includes, comprehensive workbook/study materials; 10 Steps to a Successful Retirement & 15 Questions to ask about your Social Security Benefits.




LOCATION: Wesleyan College Lakeside Chapel Fellowship Hall 4760 Forsyth Road Macon, GA 31210 DATES/TIMES: NIGHTS: TUESDAY, MAY 15TH TUESDAY MAY 22ND AT 6:30 -- 9:00 PM DAYS: WEDNESDAY, MAY 16TH WEDNESDAY MAY 23RD AT 6:30 -- 9:00 PM SEATING IS LIMITED. RSVP NOW TO 478-329-0339 OR CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO SEND US AN EMAIL. | 478-329-0339

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